U.S. Foreign Policy… What Did You Expect?

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Tensions have risen between two global nuclear superpowers; the U.S. and Russia. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then you need to scroll through your twitter feed more often.

Sunday evening, the U.S. shot down an Assad regime bomber that dropped ordinance on U.S. coalition forces, just outside of Raqqa. No U.S. troops were harmed by the attack.

The Assad regime refers to the current governmental powers controlling Syria. Assad ordered an attack on what has come to be called the Syrian Democratic Forces. These multi-ethnic, non-state actors are who the Assad regime has been battling in Syria’s civil war that has drug on since 2011. The SDF also happens to be a U.S. backed force, who we have partnered with in the fight against ISIS.

The U.S. retaliated against Assad’s attack by shooting down a Syrian SU-22 fighter jet, in what is being called an act of self-defense required by coalition rules of engagement. Russia (Assad’s ally) promptly labeled the U.S. response as an act of aggression, and is now saying that any aircraft west of the Euphrates River will be treated as targets.

My Take.. What did You expect?

This is not a joke people. Putin doesn’t pussy foot around, and if the U.S. doesn’t lay off, we will end up forcing his hand.

Main stream news outlets seem surprised this happened. But come on, how could we expect Assad to not bomb the SDF? The man is trying to win a civil war, and the U.S. has thrown itself into the middle of it. When you partner with Syria’s enemies, you can’t be surprised when you end up fighting Syria!

Now, we just wait for the Archduke Franz Ferdinand moment.

It’s almost like the U.S. wanted this to happen. We knew Assad is allied with Putin, we knew Assad is fighting the SDF, Russia-U.S. relations have been tense for some time now, yet we still went ahead and put U.S. troops In Syria, Illegally I might add.

I know ISIS is evil, but there has to be a way to fight them that isn’t going to lead to WWIII.

P.S. None of this is meant as a defense of Putin or Assad, both are murderous dictators. They can both go fall in a hole.

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