The Culture of Working Out the Australian Way

As I have been in the Down Under for about three weeks now, I have gotten involved in a couple of different fitness classes. Gym memberships are around the same prices you see in America, unless you live in a tiny rural town, no memberships are cheaper than those.

I chose to enroll in a 24-hour gym about a ten minute walk from my apartment. They have a list of fitness classes that are offered every week night at 7 pm. Starting with Mondays, they offer Abs and Butt Attack, Tuesday is boxing, Wednesday is Pump and Tone (weightlifting), Thursday is Pilates and the weekend is yoga and stretching. This may sound like a normal weekly class, but let me be the first to tell you that Aussies do not mess around.

My first class was boxing. I have always wanted to take a high-intensity boxing class, so I forced my roommate to go with me. The instructor was a couple minutes late, but when she arrived, she looked to be in her 50’s. My first impression was that she was a good instructor, but was not that hardcore. I have never been more wrong.

Richard Simmons Aint Nothin’

Not only was she in scary-good shape, but she did the workouts with us every step of the way, while doing more weight than anyone. While doing more weights than us, she was also encouraging us to push harder. I was dripping sweat about 20 minutes into the workout, but never regretted the feeling I had after the workout was over. Note, that I am also very out of shape and think I am dying whenever my heart rate increases.

Australia is known for their fitness guru’s like Kayla Itsines, Ashy Bines, Tanya Poppett and Sjana Earps. They all have their own fitness apps that you can download for a pretty penny, but according to their social media accounts, their products work.

Hardcore Parkour..

As I have been walking just about everywhere around Sydney, if there is one thing that is consistent, it is that you will always see someone running or working out. There are a lot of gyms, but even more so, if you go anywhere with a hiking path or park, there are outdoor gyms for the public to use. There are no free weights or racks to use, but there are monkey bars and poles for people, far more fit than myself, to do pull ups and other parkour-type workouts. 

I had heard rumors about Australians being in great shape, but now I have seen it with my own eyes. There are so many people in the best shape of their lives. It gives me a bit of motivation for my two trips to the beach before I head back to the States for good.

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