Syrian Ceasefire Begins at Noon Today.. Peace in the Middle East?

The Syrian civil war has drug on for 6 years now.

The bloody war has resulted in nearly 100,000 civilian deaths with total casualties adding up to 321,000 dead, and 145,000 reported as missing.

A myriad of forces being involved in the conflict has arguably prolonged it. The U.S. backs coalition forces such as the Syrian Democratic Forces, while near peer Russian forces take the side of Assad. Many other factions play a part as the landscape continues to become ever more complicated.


There are no clean hands in this bout.

In the month of March of this year, U.S.-led coalition forces killed more civilians than ISIS and Russian forces, coming in at a staggering 260 civilian deaths. This figure includes 70 children and 34 women. In the same month, ISIS was responsible for the death of 119 civilians, while Russian forces have the blood of 224 civilians on their hands.


At least momentarily.

The ceasefire that begins today primarily effects the southwest region of Syria, and the U.S., Russia, and Jordan are the primary actors in the agreement. According to Secretary of State Tillerson, the ceasefire will allow rebels to focus their attacks on the Islamic State (since ISIS is not included in the cease fire), and will hopefully act as a blueprint for other parts of Syria. The Nusra Front is also not party to the agreement, leaving Russian-Syrian forces able to attack the Al Qaeda affiliate.

President Trump tweeted about negotiating the ceasefire with Russian President Putin, saying the deal will save lives.


It’s hard to tell if this agreement amounts to anything of significance. There have been ceasefires in the past, and obviously those have all been temporary.

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