The Culture of Shopping in Australia

Living in a foreign country for an extended period of time, you are exposed to everything the culture has to offer. One aspect I was looking most forward to was the shopping. There are so many different boutiques that we are able to shop that it is impossible to take on one mall on a single Saturday.

One thing about retail shopping in Australia that you probably did not know, nor did I, is that their fiscal year ends in June. That is, in the middle of winter. So all their winter lines are on sale because they are trying to move the merchandise.

My first Saturday shopping was a complete success because everything I got was on sale. There were sales as high as 70% off. Aussies don’t mess around with shopping. As a current shopaholic, I took full advantage of this generous opportunity.

Deals on Deals on Deals..

I chose to post the picture above to show you what my favorite item is. As I was looking through the racks I saw this jacket and thought it could be beneficial when I get a job. I tried it on and I noticed that there were no sleeves. I checked myself out in the mirror and after looking past the horrifically tired human I saw in the reflection, I saw how amazing the jacket was.

You heard that correctly. There are no sleeves. It is called a cape jacket, for obvious reasons. I have never felt more professional and high class than I have in this jacket. Since buying it a few weeks ago, I have worn it a couple of times every week. It is comfy and easy to wear. I will definitely be checking into these jackets back in the states.

If the style wasn’t enough to grab your attention, I bet this will; like I mentioned before, Australia is having this massive sale until the end of June , this jacket was originally $159.99 AUD but because of the sale, it was marked down to $99.00 AUD. So, knowing that $1.00 AUD is equivalent to $.75 USD, I got it for even less than the marked down price. You could say I was a very happy shopper.

Culture Shock..

Americans love their late night shopping (I am talking to you Black Friday Shoppers, or the ones who just like shopping until the very last possible minute), but you wouldn’t be a fan of the Australian shopping culture.

Malls, being open the longest, are only open until 7 at the latest, sometimes 6 pm. Yes, even on the weekends. However, the cultural norm here is Thursday late night shopping, where malls and stores are open late (late being 9 pm). That is the only day of the week that popular places are open past 7 pm.

This trend is something I am not a fan of, noting that I work until 5:30 pm. But, Americans should take note of this trend, as it would help our wallets, but we all know it would never happen.

Americans take our retail therapy far too serious to even consider such changes! If you ever get the chance to shop in Australia, do it. You won’t regret it. Well, maybe just your bank account won’t regret it. But, who cares.

Happy Shopping!