Fight or Flight.. Mayweather Vs. McGregor

It’s finally happening! The fight of a lifetime will take place August 26th in Las Vegas, Nevada. Conor “Notorious” McGregor will step into the ring with Floyd “Money” Mayweather.

With both camps having signed contracts, a fight that has been in the talks for months has finally come to fruition. Honestly, the thought of waiting another two months for this fight is unfathomable to me. However, the Game of Thrones fan in me knows that all good things are worth waiting for (talking about you season 7).

This fight will be the personification of our adrenal gland’s “Fight or Flight” response, with McGregor’s brash striking and Floyd’s elusiveness.

This has been one of the most heavily scrutinized fights ever. Boxing purist are calling it an abomination and an embarrassment to boxing. Then, there are the MMA fans, who are excited for Conor to show the world what a “real” fighter can do. The main issue many in the boxing community have, is this being McGregor’s first boxing match. They have a problem with him having the audacity to think he can just step in the boxing ring with Floyd, an undefeated fighter, and experience success.

Is it really so crazy though? Floyd is in his 40’s, while McGregor will be 29 the night of he fight and very much in his prime. Other benefits for McGregor include the weight class chosen. McGregor is a much more natural 155 than is Floyd. Conor also being able to strike ambidextrously will serve him well, as Mayweather has notably had fits with southpaws in the past.

But how much of a note is that really, when the man is still undefeated? McGregor’s size and strength advantage could all mean nothing when facing the experience that Mayweather has. You have to remember that Floyd has won 49 times against experienced boxers, where as Conor has been focusing on his boxing less than a year.

Most people are siding with Vegas on this one, giving the edge to money. The only thing certain is this gig will be a cash cow, with both fighters set to make millions.

My take… Conor McGregor.. Most Likely

I can see it going either way.

There are a lot of unknowns going into this fight. With Floyd, it’s how rusty is he going to be and if he can counter and connect. Does he have the power to put McGregor down for the count? With Conor, it mainly boils down to experience. Also, can he survive a 12 round fight as opposed to the 5 rounds he’s used to?

Also, being the brash Irishman he is, can he keep calm and collected if he gets tagged a few times early? Or, will he lose his shit and say fuck it, and end the fight with a heel kick to the back of the head?(kind of hoping for that).

The boxing fan in me wants to see at least 8 rounds of solid boxing. If McGregor were to come in and knock Floyd out early, it would be a huge embarrassment for boxing, which has recently seen a surge of great fights and renewed interest. To the people that are just writing McGregor off; you’re all damn fools. I have a hard time calling the baddest man on the planet an underdog.

Nothing to Lose Except the Win

McGregor has nothing to lose in this fight, except maybe some pride. If I was a betting man, which I am, I’m putting money on the Irishman. In my book he’s already won. He’s getting the biggest payday of his life, even if he loses. And even if he does lose, it wouldn’t have been as the favored fighter coming in.

Conor is the kind of guy that if you stab him in the neck, he’ll simply pull the blade out, lick it, then just smile at you. The man is bat-shit crazy, and sometimes crazy is just too much to stop.

P.S. I’m looking forward to seeing all the guys who show up at the sports bars across America in their Tapout shirts, showcasing to the world that they are the true bad asses. You know who you are.