Elon Musk is so Boring… Godot and Underground Highways

The Boring Company is officially in business.

Just one of Elon Musk’s many side gigs, The Boring Company has finished its first segment of tunnel, located underneath the SpaceX parking lot. The job was done using a massive machine called Godot.

There is a lot of work to be done before Musk can put Godot to work, boring underneath public ground. But apparently, Musk has had several conversations with Los Angeles mayor, Eric Garrett, and Garrett may be a fan of the idea.

The Idea..

The goal is for Musk and The Boring Company to secure the appropriate permits, allowing the building of underground highways that would traverse most of LA.

Musk sees this as the solution to LA’s traffic problem. For example, having a quick and direct, underground route from LAX to Union Station would cut down on frustrating rush-hour congestion and decrease travel time for many commuters.

According to Musk, the technology to make this major feat. happen is the easy part, saying in a tweet on June 18th that the permits are what is going to be difficult.

Why Now?

In the past, boring hasn’t been an option for cities, large or small. Digging underground tunnels can cost as much as $1 billion per mile. The Boring Company looks to change that by cutting the cost 10-fold.

Musk plans to cut the diameter of tunnels in half, which drops the cost by a factor of 3-4. Pair that up with increasing the speed of The Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM), and suddenly tunneling is a feasible option.

There have been a few questions raised regarding the option of underground highways.

What about earthquakes? What could you possibly do with all that dirt?

Surely, Musk will have an answer to these questions and many more, as the project continues to develop.

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